30DTHL – Day 2

Well, I’m still feeling pretty good! Is it wrong that I’m waiting for the down that they say will surely come?

Preparation of today’s smoothies was certainly easier with the new addition of a Nutribullet. Focussed for breakfast on more fruity flavours with pomegranate, melon and raspberry adding in a little kale, half an avocado and a scoop of both chocolate and vanilla meal replacement. Then went more out for veg for lunch with broccoli stems, spinach, kale and beetroot, again with a chic/vanilla mix. All topped up with almond milk. I was surprised how thick they were and had to let them down with a little water or I’d have been spooning it out!

Then Tuesday nights I go to my sister’s and my mum cooks. Bless her, she is awesome. She’d done meatballs in tomato sauce, and bought gluten free pasta for us as a family! I’d said not to pander to me but I’m so grateful. Enjoyed some broccoli with it and strawberries for dessert. Managed to turn down both garlic bread and parmesan!

Watched England vs Colombia at my sister’s – no alcohol!

Tomorrow I’m going for separate chocolate and vanilla based smoothies. I’ve also picked up some chia seeds, almonds and linseed to add more power into my smoothies.

So far, the most surprising thing is that I’ve genuinely not been hungry. In fact, today I took an apple and a nut/currant mix for an afternoon snack but only ate the apple. Fizz stick in water carried me right through.

The only thing I really don’t like so far is the tea. I’m not a tea drinker normally and starting my day with herbal tea which is quite heavy on the chamomile isn’t something I’m enjoying. I am missing my 1/2 cups a day of white coffee. Not in any ‘withdrawal’ kind of way, I don’t drink enough of it for that, but just because I like it.

PS according to the plan, the only fruit is supposed to be green apples or berries. But I’m a grown woman and I know most fruit has a low GI so I’m steering clear of bananas, but I’m still eating other fruits as well as the ones defined on the plan.


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