30 Days to Healthy Living. Day 1

So it seems I’ve been very remiss but this is a good place to chart what I have embarked on today – Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living. 30DTHL. Essentially a detox.

So, why am I doing it?

– I want to find out what it’s all about to help me to understand the programme which will help me to build my business
– I’ve been on the planet 50 years and never done a detox! It’s time!
– I am seriously overweight and on 2 sets of medication for high blood pressure. My dad died at 53 from a heart attack. I want to live longer than another 3 years!
– I’ve been careful with my food and drink intake since the start of June but I would really like to kick start my weight loss. I have decided to weigh once a month on the last day in kg. I lost 6kg in June
– I’ve been beset by illness in the last 12 months since contracting pneumonia last year which remained untreated for too long. I want to feel well again
– I sleep terribly! I suffer from insomnia – I get to sleep ok then wake around 2.30am-5.30am but have to get up at 6am! This leaves me constantly exhausted. I want to sleep!
– I have hypermobility syndrome which puts a lot of pressure and pain on my joints. I’m not sure if some of the pain is related to diet and would like to explore this. Losing weight won’t hurt though
– If I can lose weight on the programme it will help me cycle up hills more easily
– I want to inspire my friends and family to do the same

So, day 1. I had the same for breakfast and lunch. Smoothie made of Arbonne meal replacement – a scoop each of chocolate and vanilla flavour. Frozen melon and raspberries. Yogurt (last time, I’m supposed to be off dairy but didn’t have a substitute) and water. A scoop of fibre and a scoop of 5 a day supplement. Whizzed in my hand blender.

But today I took delivery of a new Nutribullet! So tomorrow’s will include spinach, kale, carrots etc!

Snacked on mixed nuts and currants and an apple.

Oven baked chicken, potato, roast veg, broccoli and cauliflower made dinner.

I’m feeling pretty good – wondering when the low energy will kick in!.


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