Sweat Pledge

I’ve been thrilled recently to be invited to be an ambassador for a brand new website, which aims to encourage people to be more active.

Check it out – Sweat Pledge.

There are already some fantastic pledges out there, and it’s really exciting to make and receive shout outs from other athletes on the site. There’s lots of plans for future developments including blog posts and events so it’s fantastic to be in at the start.

What’s really amazing is that as the site grows, you can see if you inspire people – I’m stoked that already 2 people have been inspired by me. By me!

There’s also gear! And it’s gorgeous! But you’re also asked to submit photos of you being sweaty!

Look out for an event coming on 30 September – we’re aiming to get 10 people who have never ridden 50 miles before to do just that!

The more of us on there, the more awesome it will be so why not sign up, then head to my profile and give me a shout-out so I know you’re there?


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