30DTHL – Day 7

A week in and I’m back on it. No shakes today but I’ve eaten clean – even meeting my friend for brunch, where I had scrambled eggs with mushroom on gluten free toast.

Done a massive shop of fresh food topped up with some large bags of frozen berries so I’m set up for the week.

I’ve even managed 3 herbal teas. I can’t say I especially like them but maybe they will grow on me.

So today I had some berries before leaving Mum’s, the scrambled eggs, mushrooms and gluten free toast, then dinner of pan fried samon, baby potatoes and Mediterranean roasted vegetables.

Still don’t feel any different. Should I be feeling super energised? Who knows…


30DTHL – Day 6

Well I fell off the wagon. Started well with a smoothie and planned lunch of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and mushrooms.

But then… Football! World Cup quarter final. It’s comin’ home! 2 wines and sodas…

Then my fabulous friends Gary and Tricia were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary with a fabulous party, delicious curries and copious booze. Cue Pimm’s, prosecco and gin…. Oh but samosas.

Oh well. Today is done. Tomorrow back on it…

Happy anniversary Gary and Tricia!

30DTHL – Day 5

So yesterday was Friday and it had been a long week and it was hot and I was inexplicably tired so I fell asleep early…

Think I’ve got the hand of the shake thing. Using more of the fruit, less veg and it’s definitely more palatable. Also letting down more with lots of ice and water rather than too much milk.

Been using the hemp milk – it’s not a bad facsimile to be honest. I’m definitely consuming more milk than I do normally.

Still feeling pretty good. Enjoyed lots of veg with some lamb for dinner.

Tomorrow will be a challenge. Going to a party for some friends 35th wedding anniversary…