A New Year

So. It’s been a little while since I posted anything but it’s time I revived this as I’m planning on it being a record of how I get on over the next couple of years.

Since I was last here, well, a lot has happened. This Girl Can changed my life. I’ve been on TV (This Girl Can), become a This Girl Can ambassador, made the most amazing new friends for life and even bought a new bike! 

Here’s my beautiful new Genesis Tour de Fer 2016, Queen Bess

I’ve been lucky to lead out The Women’s Tour at the Nottingham stage with my amazing ladies from Nottingham Girls Cycle which has grown from a shell of an idea between me and my friend,  Jo Ward, into a fabulous group of supportive women who cycle. I became a Breeze champion. I watched my inspirational friend, Kajsa Tylén, become a world record holder.

There really are too many amazing things to count and I wish I’d kept a record here of all of that.

There’s some bad stuff too. I’m still recovering from a bike fall related shoulder dislocation that took out my long bicep tendon in December 2015. I did ribs and shredded my legs in June when I fell off my bike again in the Great Notts Bike Ride. And on 6 November I had the most innocuous fall – walking on a pavement – which has done ‘something’ to my knee. What, I don’t know exactly because it’s still pretty horrible but I’m getting my MRI results on Tuesday.

So, 2015/2016 have been pretty wonderful. Here’s a nutshell of 2016.


I’ll be posting tomorrow about my 2017 plans, but for today I really want to get it out there what my plan is for next year!

It’s hard to admit, but in 2018 I’ll be 50. So I wanted to set myself a challenge to really mark the year. I’ve decided that 2018 for me means LEJOG.

Not the actual route. This one’s more or less central so it looks best on the pics!

There’s no dates, routes, methods etc yet. It’s just a loose plan so there’s a lot of thought and planning and training to take place yet. However,  I firmly believe that getting it out there commits me to it. I’m going to need a lot of support,  motivation and ass kicking on the way, but bring it on! 2017 is as all about getting ready to do this!


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