If I knew you were coming…

I’m a decent cook but not great at the pretty stuff so today I’ve had my first ever go at properly decorating a cake! Not very Slimming World friendly but it’s in a good cause – a Bake Off at the office for Comic Relief.

We’re not doing it till Friday but I’m so busy every evening I had to have something I could bake today. Fortunately, my Mum introduced me years ago to a Supercook (bet no one remembers them) recipe for oil chocolate cake which is best made a few days in advance!

So, under all the fondant is a deliciously moist chocolate sponge, with buttercream filling and icing I wanted to make red but is more pink because I only bought one tube of food colouring. Let’s hope I remember to take a photo on Friday when we cut into it!

It’s obscene how much I want to win!

Nom nom nom!


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