I think today, for the first time I’ve actually started to believe that I may be ready for the 25 miles next week. Through one thing and another, life, including Race for Life, has interfered too much this week and prior to today I’d only managed one 45 minute ride, and that was by getting up early and being out at 5.15AM!

I still feel so nervous and doubt my ability, so I’ve been sticking close to home, in case I get somewhere but then don’t have the capacity to get back.

Still, today that changed, and I decided to throw out my reservations and explore the Erewash Valley trail. I can access this (mostly) off road resource in a 2 minute cycle from home but it really had been too scary up till now. All went well initially, and I made it to Toton without incident, but then managed to lose the trail on the way to Long Eaton somehow. I think I lost it somewhere around watching kids playing in the river and ponds – brought back so many memories.

Through my amazing map reading skills, somehow got to national route N6, got back on track, then lost it again. However, my detour meant I got to enjoy Trent Meadows nature reserve which I never would have done had I kept to my planned route. Fortunately, I relocated the trail there so I finally reached my planned destination of Trent Lock.

What a beautiful, peaceful ride by the Trent it is from there back to Attenborough Nature Reserve. It was teeming with bird life, damsel flies and even a tiny frog crossing the path, fortunately I managed to avoid it with my tyres. The sun was shining, it was just glorious!

So surprised though, how much the cycling takes it out of me. Pulled over by the visitor centre for a 15 minute break, to refuel with my Slimming World health extra A and B choices and to take on some water. Definitely needed it by then! It was lovely, on a picnic bench watching the ducks and giving hubby an update before heading home.

Made another little map reading error so will aim for the right route next time, as this one ended up on School Lane which I started the hill on but had to push the rest of the way! However, by the time I got home I’d covered 10.91 miles, in 2h04. So I’m not going to win the Tour de France but I may just be able to cycle 25 miles next week!

Tomorrow morning I’ve booked on my first accompanied Sky Ride, just an easy 4 miles at Wollaton Park, I think that will be enough, given my last RideWise session is on Monday and the plan is a 6 mile ride then too.

Oh, and the bike has a name! She’s called Claudette. Seems to suit her.


Maybe this will be the week my weight losses kick in. I’m rather disappointed that in the last few weeks I’ve increase my exercise substantially, yet in 6 weeks lost only 3.5lbs, and 2 of that was in one week! OK, I’ve not had a gain either, but still?

I did, however, measure myself which was a bit more positive. 3″ of my chest, 2.5″ off my waist, 5″ from my hips, 2″ from my thighs and 1″ from my arm, totaling 13.5″. Just got to keep faith and not lose heart, everyone tells me 6 to 8 weeks so let’s hope they’re right.

Going to try and catch an hour now before the England game kicks off at 11pm.


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