New Beginnings

Well, yesterday I met my RideWise trainer, Wayne, for the first time. How amazing is it that they come to your home, give you their time, and all for free? Wayne’s been a massive help already. We went onto a quiet side road and he helped me start to make sense of the whole gearing thing, taught me about road positioning – that was an eye opener, and even taught me the right way to get on the bike and set off!

He’s also chock full of really useful information about cycle routes, organised rides and organisations for the beginner cyclist like me. I’m astounded just how much is going on out there!

It was a brilliant introduction to road cycling, and while I already know that long term I am a mere leisure cyclist, I need to be confident and competent on the road, to enable me to get to the off road routes without having to lump the bike into the car each time.

So, I even went out in the rain today, only 2.5 miles but it’s so hard on the roads and the hills are virtually killing me. But with more practice I’m sure I’ll reach the stage where I can cycle the whole way and not have to dismount and push.

My niece also came up with a great suggestion for a bike name – Tallulah! I think I love it but I’m going to sleep on it anyway.

And more great news at Slimming World! In the week where I saw my niece for the first time in a few weeks to be greeted with “Auntie Cath! How much weight have you lost? I can really tell”, and also where I was punching the air in the changing room when trying on the dress for my friend’s hen party, and had to ask the assistant to find me the dress in a smaller size! Yes, I’ve also had a 2 pound loss, giving me my 2.5 stone award, and 36 pounds in total. I am stoked!

Off to Cleethorpes with the family tomorrow for some beach fun, fish and chips, arcades and ice cream. I think I’ve earned it!



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