Big up to Halfords. Yes, Halfords

Well, the maintenance workshop was great but I got cocky and managed to overtighten the front wheel, having removed it to get the bike in the car. This meant I couldn’t move the skewer either way, but also as I couldn’t lock it I couldn’t really ride the bike, since I wasn’t sure the wheel was safe. What an idiot.

Anyway, bundled the bike into the car, and headed off to Halfords. Now, the bike workshop’s on the first floor, and almost immediately a young man offered to carry it up for me. Bingo – bonus points. Had a tiny wait for the workshop guy, nothing major. Explained apologetically my ineptitude. Guy must have super strength because he seemingly easily unscrews the skewer that neither me nor my husband can budge. He replaces the parts I’ve damaged, then does some stuff with wrenches and even adjusts my brakes because he sees some minute misalignment – maybe the reason they started squeaking the other day? Then tells me there’s no charge and carries my bike downstairs for me!

I did, of course, protest. It was my own fault, and I fully expect to pay for my own idiocy, but he was having none of it. So I’d like to publicly applaud Halfords Chilwell branch. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a display there of excellent customer service, and that young man today certainly went above and beyond. I’m one very happy customer and I’m glad I got my bike from there.

Sadly, other commitments, and a not inconsiderable amount of rain, have kept me from the saddle these past few days. I can’t escape tomorrow, though, as I have my first session booked with my RideWise trainer, Wayne. I can’t deny to being a little trepidatious. Very worried my terrible fitness levels will let me down but need to remember I’m a very early work in progress and everyone starts somewhere. Let’s hope he’s gentle with me…


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