Sky Ride

Today I’ve been on my first Sky Ride – an accompanied bike ride being held all over the country throughout the summer. Despite some initial confusion about the start point, me being at the gates to Wollaton Park rather than in front of the hall, it was brilliant! The ride leaders and other cyclists were incredibly patient with me, and it was no issue to walk when things got too tough. Here’s me, on the left.


Although it was billed as 4 miles, I’d done 6.42 by the time I finished and after yesterday, boy, can I feel it. My hands are cramped – apparently I need to be more relaxed on the handle bars, my leg and arm muscles feel tight and generally my body feels like it’s had enough. Another unexpected consequence is the number of bruises I have on my legs, particularly the right which is now painful when I just walk! I’m sure it stems from hitting the pedals as I dismount, I need to get much more practised.

Still, Claudette did me proud and I loved every second.

It’s also Father’s Day today so I’ve been to the cemetery to see mine, that’s 20 we’ve had without him :'(.

Need to recover now, as Wayne is coming for my last RideWise session tomorrow, and I think the plan is another 6 miles or so. I do know that after next week’s big ride I’ll be making sure to leave rest days!


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