Book Review: Agent Running in the Field

Agent Running in the Field by John le Carré

Dates Read: 02/01/2021-08/01/2021

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars (Yes, really!)

This is the first time I’ve read le Carré and I really don’t think it will be the last. The genre isn’t my usual fodder – but that’s what’s great about book clubs; they push you into reading something you wouldn’t normally pick up.

I know nothing about espionage so I have to trust the author knows his stuff, well, he ought to I guess, but it was interesting to read from the viewpoint of the spook and get a glimpse into how nothing for them is straightforward.

While I’d figured out most of the plot, it was pleasing the denouement didn’t play out as anticipated. It was also a treat having to actually look up a few words in the dictionary – a rare occurrence these days, meaning the whole experience just felt more satisfying. Who doesn’t love expanding their vocabulary?

I liked having to give the narrative my full attention and this week this book has given me a few tough mornings, having read well into the night and for far longer than was good for me! Believable characters with whom you can empathise, written in a smart, engaging manner is always key.

I’ve got a very long ‘to read’ list already but it just got longer with more le Carré on it!


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