Back in the Saddle

Work very kindly intervened as for the first time in I don’t know how long there was no parking. Just the excuse I needed! Unfortunately there are no shower facilities where I work so cycling in wasn’t really an option, but home, well, that’s a different matter. So I’d taken Claudette in yesterday, left her in the Lace Market overnight, took the bus in this morning and at 5.45pm started my first cycle home adventure.

I took some time over lunch to work out the most traffic-free, safest route to the canal, dropping across Market Square and Maid Marian Way to the castle and down. Took me a few attempts to find the access point to the canal but I’m so glad I did! To be truthful, it was a bit scary being so close to the water, especially under the bridges where the paths narrowed and there was just concrete to my left, but that aside it was glorious!

It’s so lovely and peaceful by the canal, with lots of wildlife, but at points you’re right alongside a busy road and you’d never know it. And really, if I were a better cyclist, it doesn’t take long at all to get back to Chilwell.

Of course, I took a wrong turn, meaning I put on more miles then planned, and subsequently had to take the VERY steep route home from Depot Corner when I’d planned to come in through the green space. However, it was almost 8 miles in 1h19 and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In other news, I think the 25 miler got its revenge as I’ve been hungry enough today to chew my own arm off! Have managed to stay on plan but it’s certainly been challenging. Let’s hope it’s good news at the scales tomorrow


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