It Starts to get Real

Braved it today and did my first ride out from home. On roads. With traffic. So very scary, and way, way different on the tarmac in the rain from my lovely rides in safe reserves. Rubbish at tackling the hills too. I simply have no idea how to manage the gears, making it extra hard for my incredibly unfit body.

I guess I just have to keep biting the bullet and practise, practise, practise.

A ride round the block turns out to be 2 miles, and it has proved I can easily cycle to Slimming World so at least not all is bad, even if today left me wheezing, ready to barf and unable to speak for a while.

The butt mufflers, however, are a massive hit. Money well spent there.

Need to get my head down to be ready for the bike maintenance workshop tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be a little better informed after that.


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