Making the Most of It

Yay! Our annual week of summer’s finally here so it’s lovely with the warm temperatures and light nights to be able to make the most of it.

Been out on the bike again to Attenborough and doubled, yes doubled, my previous distance, travelling a massive 4.63 miles. I do know that’s not really very far in the grand scheme of things but that’s huge for me. Just 7 days ago I got on a bike for the first time in 25 years and struggled to set off! My confidence at starting pedalling has grown enormously already. I don’t think it’d be an issue for me now, whoever was watching. I’m also beginning to feel much more in control of the bike, it doesn’t seem quite so heavy and I’m a lot happier when passing pedestrians and moving through the “slow down” gates.

Need so much more practice though. On stopping I took on water but just felt sick and my heart rate was up to 118, damn you phone app! But I gave it 10 minutes and things returned to normal. I guess I just have to work through it and do a bit longer each time. 39 minutes of cycling from nothing in a week has to be OK?

In better news I’ve realised I’ve an extra week to get up to the magic 25 miles, so I’m aiming next Sunday for 9-10 miles. If I can achieve this I can start to consider cycling home from work after my annual leave.

And perhaps I’ll get a weight loss boost. Losing just a half pound this week needs some work.

Weight loss – 33.5 lbs
Longest ride – 4.63 miles
Longest duration – 39 mins


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